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Winter - If You need it to Ski and Snowboard rentals in Angel Fire, we have it. From Skiing, Riding Equipment and Ski Rentals in Angel Fire, down to that tiny little patch of cloth You use to clean Your Goggles, Wheeler Peak Ski Shop can get You totally outfitted for a Day on the Slopes.

Great People
Our team of Snowsports Professionals has unmatched Product Knowledge, along with the Experience and Expertise to assess Your needs, and provide You with the Right Gear and Services at Ski Shop in Angel Fire to set You up for Success on the Slopes!

Great Selection
We have a New Inventory of K2 Snow Ski and Snowboard Products. 

Great Service
Whether You are Renting or Buying, our Goal is to Provide the Best Customer Service in Angel Fire. Your time here is precious, and we don’t want to keep You from the Slopes, which is why we have Automated Sign-In Stations and other Complimentary Services to make Your Experience Smooth and Efficient.

Wheeler Peak Ski Shop offers a Full Range of Ski and Snowboard Repair and Tuning Services using State-Of-The-Art Snowboard and Ski Equipment Rentals in Angel Fire.

Skiing & Ski shop in Angel Fire Services include:

Full Tune:                      $40   (Includes Full Base Grind, Fill Work, Edge and Your Choice of Wax)
Edge Tune and Wax:     $20
Snowboard Wax Only:  $10
Ski Wax Only:                 $8
Binding Mounting:         $20
Binding Adjustment:       $5
Edge or Base Repair:   Ask for Estimate